Finding The Equine Soul

Welcome to The Equine Soul, my personal project, and journey with horses.

This project is in the form of photography, video, and blogging

about my experiences with the various horses that come into my life.

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About Me

Have you ever had that feeling that you are always been tugged in a certain direction? My entire life I have been drawn to horses. Growing up it could probably like any horse loving little girl phase, except I never outgrew it. But I also never had horses. They were...

It All Began With Confusion

Horses being physically in my life has only been a thing for just over a year. To read my backstory about horses, you will have to read my about me post. I think it is complicated, but the past year is less complicated but no less interesting. In 2017 I got to know...

About Me

My name is Desirae. I am 32 years old, married, mother of 4 wonderful children and I own 0 horses. In fact, it is only in the past year that I have had the chance to work with horses, however, they have been present one way or another my entire life. It is kind of a long story, but one thing is for certain, horses belong in my life. Read more…

I Also Offer Design Services

Other than my passion for horses, I also have a passion for web design and photography.

I am currently not offering photography services, I am however offering reasonably priced web design services.

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